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The Bible is read in different languages around the world.
The Qur'an is read in one language worldwide.

Most people read the Bible in their own language.  In English-speaking countries, we read the Bible in English.  In German-speaking countries, they read the Bible in German.  The Bible has been translated into Arabic for Christian Arabs.  The Bible has been translated into many of the languages of Africa and Asia so that people all over the world can read the Bible in their own languages.  Even in Ethiopia, the Bible has been translated from the sacred Ge'ez language of Scripture into the Amharic language of everyday speech.

One result of this has been the formation of national or regional churches, national denominations, even national religions.

Muslims read the Qur'an in Arabic everywhere.  Although the Qur'an has been translated into many languages, in every country where there are Muslims the Qur'an is read in Arabic.  For one thing, the prayers must be recited in Arabic and consist of passages from the Qur'an.  Since Muslims never know when they might be called on to lead prayer, most Muslims learn at least a few verses of the Qur'an in Arabic, even if they never learn to read it.  But many Muslims all over the world learn to read the Qur'an in Arabic.

As a result, the Muslim community has not splintered into denominations.  Even the schism between so-called Sunni and so-called Shi'ite Muslims is not as great as the schism between one Christian denomination and another; here in America, we pray together in the same mosques and read the same Arabic Qur'an. I usually donít know who is Shi'ite and who is Sunni; we are all Muslims.  This is a benefit of reading the Scriptures in the same language.

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