the law

In the Spirit of the Gracious and Compassionate
Creator of the Heavens and the Earth

Lester A. Knibbs aka Doctor Hakeem

you cannot obey the law
and support capitalism or socialism
or any system of materialism

you were given the law
two thousand years ago

a simple two-part law

love the one who created you
with all your heart
love your fellow human beings
as you love yourself

feed the hungry
heal the sick
help those in need

is that too hard to understand?

and you know
if you are sincere
the one who created you
is neither
a block of gold
nor a mass of flesh

eyes cannot see him

and he loves his servants
as a mother-bear loves her cubs

beware of him

and obey the law

28 Jumaada-al-Awwal 1438
February 25, 2017

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