We Are All Sleeping

In the Spirit of the Gracious and Compassionate
Creator of the Heavens and the Earth

Lester A. Knibbs aka Doctor Hakeem

We are all sleeping.

I am the pianist for a Christian Science church. There are few congregants. The services are far from exciting. This Sunday, May 6th 2018, I fell asleep toward the end of the Lesson-Sermon (which consists of alternate readings from the Bible and from Mary Baker Eddy’s book “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures“). (There is no preacher, only reading, the Second Reader reading from the Bible and the First Reader reading from Science and Health. That’s the order. Second, then First.)

I opened my eyes and saw everyone looking at me expectantly. I went to the piano and began to play a hymn for the collection.

Outside, after the service, I asked my Dad how long I was asleep. He didn’t know. He was asleep himself. He told me that when the collection basket arrived, he was sitting there holding money out, thinking he was awake, but the collection-lady had to call his name.

When the woman who was Second Reader on this Sunday came out, I asked her how long I was asleep. She didn’t know.

I said to my Dad, “We are all sleeping. When the people of Syria wake up, they will be happy.”

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