Music of the Moors

1                   Ancient Egypt and Greece

  • Music in Ancient Egypt
  • The Muses → music (“Thoth used music to create the world.”)
  • Greece: a student of Egypt
  • Tekhne Mousike: Greek Drama, So-Called (and the disintegration of music)

2                   Early Medieval Europe

  • Plainchant and scripture (from Qur’an?)
  • Charlemagne and Haroun ar-Rasheed (Charlemagne’s request for music teachers)

3                   Muslim Civilization and the Moors in Spain

  • The Influence of Muslims on European Development
  • 711-1492: The Moors in Spain
  • Henry George Farmer’s The Arabian Influence on Musical Theory
  • Julian Ribera’s Music in Ancient Arabia and Spain

4                   Africans in America: Their Influence on European Classical Music

  • African Music in the Americas
  • African-American Music
  • Afro-Latin Music

5                   The Symphonic Tradition in Europe, 17th through 20th Centuries

  • the chaconne (originally an Afro-Cuban dance: Jahnheinz Jahn, Muntu)
  • the Turkish march (African musicians; observed by African Americans in Europe during and after World War I; marching band tradition brought home to HBCUs)
  • the habanera (and other Afro-Latin dances)
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