The Rule of Five — notes for a proposal for action — 002, revised

In the Spirit of the Gracious and Compassionate
Creator of the Heavens and the Earth

Lester A. Knibbs aka Doctor Hakeem

(7/15/2017) I began developing this idea long before a Trump presidency was even conceivable. Now that it is a reality, the timescale seems wholly inadequate. We may have a full-scale evangelical theocracy within two years. If you ignore me, coming to me when it’s too late does not give me magical powers! If we act now, the time is already short — and getting shorter. For those of you in comfortable connubial denial, I envy your blessings of mates and children, but your half-empty glass will not save you from disaster in this life and hellfire in the next. Talk to me, work with me — that’s all I ask. I’m trying my best, and I know I’m not perfect.

I haven’t been able to finalize this idea into some coherent form. Ideally, I would have some conversations (face-to-face is best, by phone is also helpful, and Facebook might also be nice) and get some valuable insight, critiques, and suggestions.

The Rule of Five is a proposal for action. We African American Muslims must prepare ourselves to govern this society. We live here, and it is being badly governed. Other strategies to improve the situation have either been inadequate or have failed. This is a new strategy.

الرجال قوامون على النساء

(Ar-rijaalu qawwaamoona `ala-n-nisaa’)

“The men are the maintainers of the women ….”
(al-Qur’aan Soorat-an-Nisaa’: 34)

Five African American Muslim men form a group. This group meets regularly, at least once a week for three hours. They perform salaah together. They recite the Qur’an. They talk and get to know each other.

In addition to these regular meetings, the group also engages in other activities together. Possible activities include: going places together; playing games and sports; doing calisthenics and going for walks; having meals together; listening to music together; going on trips or retreats, sleepovers, camping, fishing, or canoeing; developing some sort of minor business.  In the course of doing these things, they earn each other’s trust and confidence.

Prophet Muhammad — “rasool-Allah” (messenger of Allah).

Groups of five African American Muslim men.

Preparation for governing.

This is a university / a study-group.

Start with one group of five (there are five pillars of Islam and five daily salawaat).

Work together for two years (hijri calendar, preferably).

Reading/reciting Qur’an within two years (absolute requirement, jihaad, focus).

Qur’an is mostly addressed to the men.

Men and women have different responsibilities.

Perform at least one salaah together, each time they meet.

Various activities:

  • Get to know each other — talk at least three (consecutive) hours a week; go places and do things together; play games and sports; get exercise (walking, calisthenics, etc.); have meals together; go on trips, sleepovers, retreats, camping, fishing, canoeing, etc.; have some sort of minor business; earn each others trust and confidence.
  • Beethoven’s fifth: part of sharing music together; most famous symphony; become familiar with 1st mvt. (which recordings repeat the exposition?); learning to actually listen to and hear music, other than just for entertainment; beethoven’s fifth in wwii (“v for victory”; “v” = 5 in roman numerals; the opening theme, dot-dot-dot-dash is “v” in morse code); he worked on it for five years; first performed in a concert that lasted almost five hours.
  • Study, read books, watch historical and scientific videos; go to museums and other educational venues and presentations.

Do not form cliques or become a clique.

The founder of each group of five should be the leader, but not a boss; should be a facilitator.

At least one or more of the five should have a wife (and, hopefully, children).

Do not exclude anyone based on sexuality; no couples or sexual activity or sexual involvement within the group.

Take the project seriously; beware of sabotage (internally or externally); focus on the primary mission (the qur’an).

After two years, first group of five splits up (perhaps with a transition ceremony); each member recruits four others, forming five new groups of five and beginning the process again.

Every two years, repeat this process.

After four years, 25 men should have completed this process; after six years, 125 men should have completed this process; and so forth as follows (but, of course, human affairs are never so mathematical, so don’t stress out about it):

  • Eight years — 625 men
  • Ten years — 3,125 men
  • Twelve years — 15,625 men

This must be a face-to-face process; electronic intermediation should be actively avoided; telephone calls, emails and other forms of electronic communication for brief exchange of practical information; documentation should be kept in written form (“hard copies”); be especially cautious of social media.

Our sisters, our wives, our women — hopefully — will actively encourage and assist this process; and our children should also be involved, to the extent reasonably possible.

(If a wife complains, understandably, that she doesn’t see enough of her husband already, we need to understand that it is corporate slavery that is taking her husband away and that this process is vastly more important, comparable to a war, and that the sacrifice is similarly necessary; and the husband needs to realize that his wife needs his attention, even when he is tired.)

Also hopefully, it should never be necessary for the meetings to be secret.

We must study history and the arts and sciences of government — every one of us, not just a few. We must get together in small groups — i call it the rule of five, because it was once made illegal for as many as five of the enslaved to get together (for obvious reasons). Five is a good number, not too small, not too large. Get to know each other. Spend hours, every week, talking and listening, going places, doing things. Be serious of purpose, be honest and sincere, be sensitive and compassionate, be willing to gently correct or disagree with each other, recognize the limitations of time and of other resources, and affirm each other. Don’t be a clique, a rigid exclusive group set off from others, and imagining yourselves to be superior. There’s more, much more, i could suggest, but that would be a start — the rule of five.

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