Anglo-Saxon Britain and African America

In the Spirit of the Gracious and Compassionate
Creator of the Heavens and the Earth

Lester A. Knibbs aka Doctor Hakeem

The word “England” means “the land of the Angles”. The Angles and the Saxons were two Germanic tribes that conquered the Britons fifteen centuries ago, taking both their land and their name. The original Britons were a people related to the ancestors of today’s Scots and Irish. The Anglo-Saxon conquerors drove them into what is now Wales and across that arm of the sea now called the English Channel (by the English) into that northwest peninsula of France which became known as Brittany. Today’s Anglo-Saxons call themselves both English and British.

Having conquered the land, they established several small kingdoms, three of which were named after the Saxons. “Essex” was the name of an eastern kingdom of Saxons. “Sussex” was the name of a southern kingdom of Saxons. And “Wessex” was the name of a western kingdom of Saxons. These place-names remain in England, and have been copied overseas in the American lands denuded of their original populations and settled and conquered by later descendants of the Anglo-Saxons who had previously settled and conquered the land of the original Britons. A family tradition – with extermination added to the menu.

The original Angles and Saxons (and Jutes, another Germanic tribe who included themselves in the conquest) were not a large population.

What is impressive is that bands of ignorant and illiterate Anglo-Saxons were able to defeat the nation of Britons who had been elevated – I hesitate to say “civilized” – by their Roman overlords and had managed to rise up against the Romans and drive them out. When I read about this, it occurred to me that a huge population of African people who had been brought to lands occupied, conquered and ruled by Anglo-Saxons could wrest, by one means or another, the government of this land– by virtue of superior intellect, morality, and ability – from these same Anglo-Saxons who so casually and inappropriately assume their own superiority and entitlement to land and wealth which they have stolen from others.

Considering how these Anglo-Saxons, and the European cohorts who have joined them in this American enterprise have mercilessly exploited and abused the African population brought here against our will, and debased, and showing no evidence of remorse or repentance, we – now considering ourselves African Americans – have good cause, necessary reason, and God-given ability to prepare ourselves to govern this nation. Not to take over, as conquerors or oppressors, nor to initiate violence, but to establish justice and competent government. We need to demonstrate the establishment of competent and decent government wherein the current administrators have demonstrated – over the decades, generations, and centuries – incompetence and indecency. This is a monumental task.

Gird up your loins.


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