Lord and Savior

In the Spirit of the Gracious and Compassionate
Creator of the Heavens and the Earth

Lester A. Knibbs aka Doctor Hakeem

My lord and savior is the one who created the inconceivable vastness of the higher realities (“heavens”) and the unimaginable vastness of this lower reality, the cosmos (“earth”). The expression “heaven and earth” has more than one meaning. It is criminal that people have been led to believe that they can have “religion” or “faith” and not study and learn about the world in which our master has placed us — from the microscopic to the vast.

Reflect on this:
Reflect on this:

There are over a trillion galaxies in the vastness of space. Our galaxy (the “Milky Way”) is a thousand trillion times the size of our sun’s family of planets, asteroids, and comets. Our sun’s family is a trillion times the size of the celestial sphere encompassing Earth’s orbit. This celestial sphere is a trillion times the size of Earth. (Visualize.)

People are a tiny part of Earth. Ants and termites in Africa alone weigh 25 times as much (*WEIGH* 25 times as much) as all the people on Earth put together. There are more antelopes than people. There are more of our cattle than of us. Microscopic life forms WEIGH more than all the visible life forms put together. There are over a TRILLION different species of microbial bacteria (and only 50 of those species do us any harm). All life forms (that we know of) live in a thin layer of air, water, and earth that is one thousandth the diameter of the planet. (Visualize.)

In our own bodies, there are as many billions of microbes living (peacefully) in each of our mouths as there are people living (barely peacefully) on Earth. If we have one trillion human cells comprising each of our bodies, we have TEN trillion microbes living in each of our bodies. If we have as many as ten trillion human cells comprising our bodies, then we have ONE HUNDRED TRILLION microbes living in each of our bodies. The microbes living in our gut help us digest our food, and produce vitamin D (for strong bones) and vitamin K (for blood clotting). (Reflect.)

A living cell may contain TRILLIONS of atoms.

A trillion is a million times a million, which is a thousand times a thousand, which is ten times ten times ten.

Reflect on this:
Reflect on this:

Our lord and master — by whatever name — is the one who created the entire vastness of heaven and earth, the vast higher reality and the vast physical cosmos, who can take it out of existence and create it all over again without feeling the slightest tiredness, who needs neither rest nor sleep, is alive and aware and independent of all need, who never tires of forgiving our sins, and creates by saying “Be!” and it is. He is One, not a trinity. He has no son.

He is my master, your master, the master of all that exists. He sent the Messiah, just as he sent all of the prophets. And the Messiah, and all of his heavenly messengers (the angels), including the holy spirit (Gabriel), all of them acknowledge the almighty creator as their lord and master.

The all-knowing almighty master has been sending us messages for thousands of years. When written down, they have become known to us as the Scriptures. Only one of those messages, those Scriptures, has been preserved in its original form. Every day, several times a day, as many as a billion or more people engage in a rite of purification in which parts of the only preserved Scripture are recited, by heart; and each year many millions (though not enough) read/recite the entire Scripture from beginning to end during a month of fasting from dawn to sunset.

We are not waiting for Santa.

Whether you or I or anyone believes this or not, it is true, for everyone, everywhere.

Reflect on it.
Reflect on it.


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