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The Bible was compiled over a period exceeding 13 centuries.
The Qur'an was compiled over a period of 23 years.

It took over 13 centuries to put the Bible together.  The books of the Old Testament were written during the period between 1,300 BC and 100 BC.  (Dating system, "BC" and "AD", used for convenience; this is not Muslim usage.)  The books of the New Testament were written during the first and second centuries of the Christian era.  The term "Old Testament" was devised in 170 AD to distinguish the old writings from the new writings and to announce, as far as Christians are concerned, a New Age with the coming of Jesus Christ — and therefore, a New Testament.

Without counting the oral sources that predate by centuries the earliest Old Testament writings, and without counting the Medieval scriptures accepted by the Ethiopian Church, the Bible was compiled over a period that exceeded 13 centuries.

It took 23 years to put the Qur'an together.  The Qur'an was compiled between 610 AD and 632 AD, during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (570-632 AD).  He memorized it in its entirety and had it written down.  Many of his followers also memorized it and those that knew how to write wrote down various portions of the book.  When the Qur’an was complete, several of the Prophet’s companions had memorized the entire book.  A standard written copy was compiled in 633 AD.  [Denffer, pp. 31-56]

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