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There are several versions of the Bible.
There is one version of the Qur'an.

There are several versions of the Bible.  Even in the original Hebrew language, there have always been several versions of the Scriptures.  By the time standard lists of the sacred books came to be made, there were already at least three different groups descended from the old Israelites:  (1) the Samaritans, who were descended from the inhabitants of the northern kingdom of Israel before the Assyrian conquest in the eight century before Christ; (2) those returning from Babylonian Exile, now called Jews for the first time, in the fifth century before Christ; and (3) those Jews left behind in Palestine during the Babylonian conquest and also dispersed as far afield as Egypt.  Each of these groups came to have its own version of the Scriptures.

"So the question whether our Old Testament is an accurate copy of an ancient Hebrew original is no longer relevant; it seems that there never was a single original of the Holy Writings."  [Romer, p. 142]

The current Hebrew Bible, known as the Masoretic version, is based on the Scriptures compiled and accepted by the Jewish community which returned from Babylonian exile.  The Christian version of the Old Testament is based on the Septuagint, a version of the Scriptures translated into Greek by the Greek-speaking Jewish community in Alexandria, Egypt during the third century BC.

Before the modern era, not only were there different translations of the same version, but different translations of different versions as well.  In recent centuries, translations of the Bible have proliferated, creating dozens of versions of the Bible in the English language alone.

There is one version of the Qur'an.  Because the Qur'an is preserved in its original form, there is only one version.  Anyone can compare, editions of the Qur'an published in India or Pakistan with editions published in Egypt or Iran or Turkey or West Africa.  The type of script may vary, but the text is always the same.  Anyone can compare editions of the Qur'an published today with editions published centuries ago.  Again, the type of script may vary, but the text is always the same.

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