Ramadan 1440 A.H. (May-June 2019)

In the Spirit of the Gracious and Compassionate
Creator of the Heavens and the Earth

Lester A. Knibbs aka Doctor Hakeem

Ramadan, the ninth month of the lunar calendar, is the month of daily fasting from dawn until sunset for Muslims. This year (2019), Ramadan  is expected to begin on Sunday, May 5, or Monday, May 6, at sundown — depending on whichever evening the new lunar crescent is first seen. The Muslim calendar consists of twelve lunar months, with no adjustment to accommodate the solar year. The year 1440 A.H. (“after Hijrah”) of the Muslim calendar runs from September 11, 2018, to August 30, 2019, of the Christian calendar.

The Muslim calendar begins the year of the Hijrah, the migration from Makkah (Mecca) to Madinah (Medina) of Prophet Muhammad and his followers; they were persecuted in Makkah for serving the Creator of the heavens and the earth (called “God” by English-speaking Christians, and called “Allah” by Muslims, Arabic-speaking Christians, and ancient Israelites) instead of serving idols. (The ancient Israelites did not call the Creator “Jehovah” or “Yahweh”; these words were invented by modern Christian and Jewish scholars, based on a fanciful interpretation of the Hebrew scriptures.)

Ramadan will last 29 or 30 days, depending on the visibility of the new lunar crescent at the end of the month. The first day of the next month, Shawwaal, is a day of observance called “Eid-ul-Fitr”. This day is expected to coincide with Tuesday, June 4, 2019. Muslims observe this occasion by gathering for a special congregational prayer in the early morning, and spending the rest of the day (and perhaps the next two days, as well) socializing and feasting.

The reason we fast during the month of Ramadan is because this is the month in which the revelation of the Qur’an to Prophet Muhammad began, 14 centuries ago. Prophet Muhammad is acknowledged — by Muslim and non-Muslim historians — as the most influential single human being in recorded history. (The influence of Jesus Christ is shared with St. Paul, who spread Christianity to more people and did much to establish Christian doctrines; there is no “St. Paul” of the Muslims.) The global influence of Prophet Muhammad is a result of the Qur’an.

Fourteen centuries ago, most human beings lived in ignorance and slavery. Sixty percent of the people in the Roman Empire were outright slaves, and religious freedom and human rights were unknown even for so-called “free” people. More Christians were persecuted and killed for their faith under the Christian leaders of the Roman Empire than under the previous pagan leaders. Under the Muslim leaders, who freed the countries of Africa and the Middle East from Roman domination, Christians were free to serve God according to their faith.

Because of the message of the Qur’an, we have a civilization today in which literacy is taken for granted (the first word of the revelation was the command, “Read!”), human rights and religious freedom are global concerns (“No compulsion in religion” says the Qur’an), a scholarly and scientific revolution has taken place, and slavery has been widely abolished (the Qur’an says, “Free the slave”). You might want to read The Influence of Islam on Medieval Europe, by W. Montgomery Watt (Edinburgh University Press). Muslims have been far from perfect, but the message and legacy of the Qur’an is, literally, a Godsend.

O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you, even as it was prescribed for those before you,  so that you may practice righteousness.

The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur’an, a guidance for mankind, and clear proofs of the guidance, and the criterion (of right and wrong).

Qur’an, 2nd soorah (Soorat-al-Baqarah) (The Heifer), aayaat 183 and 185

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the blind leading the blind leading the blind

In the Spirit of the Gracious and Compassionate
Creator of the Heavens and the Earth

Lester A. Knibbs aka Doctor Hakeem

the blind
leading the blind
leading the blind

dead contract
chosen people no more
promised land no more
cast out
for rejecting one prophet
too many


five centuries
attempting to have life
in a dead contract

one last merciful chance
a prophet warning them

and the promised messiah

but yet still
proud and resentful
this last merciful chance
the unchosen people
cast out once again
the unpromised land


you are just people
like the rest of us

if not regarding you as
special chosen people
is hateful
what are we to you?

your contract died
twenty-five centuries ago

sad and true

welcome to humanity

and stop killing
the children of Abraham

the Master is patient
not stupid


the blind
leading the blind
leading the blind

the precipice

on that day
the Master
will ask the Pit of Doom
if it is filled to the full
and the Pit of Doom
will ask for more

the precipice

the blind
leading the blind
leading the blind

the blind
leading the blind
leading the blind

a new covenant
a contract with
a new israel

led by a false prophet
who kicked the messiah
to godhood

and led his followers

he who led them astray
is a saint to them

twenty centuries
of medieval confusion
and suffering

flesh as god
flesh as god
flesh as god

crazy math
war against reason
don’t question


as if the tireless creator of
the entire vastness of the cosmos
is a man of stinky flesh
and funk

funking an earthly maiden
(a betroth-ed earthly maiden)
to save the world

save the world from what?

do you even know
what you believe?

the one who led you astray
is a saint to you

even as
following him leads you into
a pit of confusion

crime top-to-bottom
criminal pulpits criminal boards-of-directors criminal
judges criminal prosecutors criminal cops criminal
congressmen criminal senators criminal president
penniless children

millions homeless millions addicted
your-money-or-your-life imitation healthcare criminal
corporations selling us criminal imitation food

in an imitation christian society

in an imitation christian society
that accepts no responsibility for the
it creates

save the world from what?

the one who led you astray
is a saint to you

come off it

your world needs to be saved



the blind
leading the blind
leading the blind

the final prophet
dressed like any man
which he was
as he said
an ordinary man

allowing no deference
to himself
and took no offense
at being called
by his name

he delivered the message
he was chosen to deliver
and returned to his Maker

what went wrong?

twenty-nine years
after his passing
his mission was usurped
co-opted in a coup

leading millions who
barely knew the message
to believe that their mission
was to conquer the world

fourteen centuries later
desperate for salvation from
madness and confusion
i read the message
in its original language

the earth split open and
i was on one side of a
jagged crack in the ground
and all those holy and righteous
were on the other side

they claim to follow a message
they don’t even read

they follow blind leaders
following blind leaders
following blind leaders

fourteen centuries of
bearded be-robed men
in strange and fancy head-gear
some with kissy-kiss-me rings
be-titled and enthroned in
imitation pagan temples
like the imitation christian
imitation pagan temples

they are blind leaders
following blind leaders
following blind leaders

following the usurping
co-optating schemers
who took over the
mission of the messenger

instead of delivering the message
they tried to conquer the world

but the Master is not stupid

in His plan
the world conquered

now you upset

violent upset

come off it

open your eyes
and read the message
in its original language

the Master has
saved it for you

read it and share it
this world needs it

this world does not need you
to be a part of it

you do not need
to be part of this world

the ancient prophet led his people
out of pharaoh’s land
not into it

not physical location


where is your heart?

dead hearts
are the leading cause of

the blindness of
the blind following
the blind following
the blind

open your eyes
and read the message
the Master sent you

so that you can see
as the seers
joseph and moses and jonah
delivered entire nations
from the pit of confusion

be the seer
who gives sight to the blind

open your hearts to the message
in its original language
and your eyes will see

2 Jumaadaa-al-Aakhirah 1440
February 7, 2019


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T-Five 004

In the Spirit of the Gracious and Compassionate
Creator of the Heavens and the Earth

Lester A. Knibbs aka Doctor Hakeem

T-Five — Part Four

o little beam of light

you left your home
two million years ago

what took you so long?

oh man!

i was going as
fast as i could


that little smudge of light
in the night sky
half a trillion stars

so far far away
its light takes
two million years to get here

as fast as it can

19 Jumada-al-Awwal
January 25, 2019

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T-Five 003

In the Spirit of the Gracious and Compassionate
Creator of the Heavens and the Earth

Lester A. Knibbs aka Doctor Hakeem

T-Five — Part Three

a trillion
times a trillion
times a trillion
times a trillion
times a trillion

a trillion
multiplied by a trillion
five times

a trillion to the fifth power

(or was it a trillion and one?
a big red X
for the wrong answer
already confined and regimented
then shamed and humiliated
until you got right answers
from grade to grade
degree to degree
into the validated walls
of corporate/government/academic
still traumatized by the
of big numbers)

(you cannot hear me
but i talk anyway)


a trillion to the fifth power
is closer to
the dot
on which we live
than to infinity

the vast cosmos
is a dot
as the earth
is a dot
in the vast cosmos

all of physical reality
the vast cosmos
all of physical reality is dirt


reflect on this

not that we are made
of star-stuff

reflect on this

the stars are made of dirt



heaven and earth
heavens and earth

is the sky
the sky where birds fly

or where the moon
winks at us monthly
from beyond the atmosphere

is the sky where
the planets play
musical chairs
with the stars

or where the stars are
so distant that
our earthly
family of planets
is visible only
as the dimly shining
of a lonely star

19 Jumada-al-Awwal
January 25, 2019

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T-Five 002

In the Spirit of the Gracious and Compassionate
Creator of the Heavens and the Earth

Lester A. Knibbs aka Doctor Hakeem

T-Five — Part Two

two cats
released from the confines
of their small
apartment home

to frolic on the
grassy riverbank

one was in paradise
finding the world
so wide and free

the other was in hell
eyes wide in terror
unable to find a wall
to define its
comfortable home

19 Jumada-al-Awwal
January 25, 2019

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T-Five 001

In the Spirit of the Gracious and Compassionate
Creator of the Heavens and the Earth

Lester A. Knibbs aka Doctor Hakeem

T-Five — Part One





imagine a dot
on a piece of paper

imagine a circle
three inches wide
around that dot

our earthly home
is a dot
in a vast galaxy
a trillion trillion trillion times

immersed in a cosmos
a trillion trillion times
than this galaxy

and getting bigger



18 Jumada-al-Awwal
January 24, 2019


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Imperial Triangle

In the Spirit of the Gracious and Compassionate
Creator of the Heavens and the Earth

Lester A. Knibbs aka Doctor Hakeem

Three Historical Events Mentioned in the Qur’an: Part One

Three Historical Events Mentioned in the Qur’an: Part Two

history of Iran; Cyrus (Kurush), in Bible, in Qur’an (Dhul-Qarnain?)

history of Rome

history of Abyssinia; Solomon, in Bible, in Qur’an, in history (?); queen of Sheba

life and mission of Muhammad

the Avars

what is prophecy? (naba’) — in Bible, in Qur’an, in the popular imagination

the war: Rome vs. Iran and Avars

Heraclius (bio)

Iranian ruler (title, name, bio)

ruler of Abyssinia; subordinates in southern Arabia

Dhoo Nuwas (bio); conversion to Judaism; slaughter of Christians

two men sent to arrest Muhammad


solving problem of not depicting Muhammad, without making him seem mysterious

including bio of Muhammad, without making it the focus

visuals: costumes, scenery, modes of warfare, …

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Lord and Savior

In the Spirit of the Gracious and Compassionate
Creator of the Heavens and the Earth

Lester A. Knibbs aka Doctor Hakeem

My lord and savior is the one who created the inconceivable vastness of the higher realities (“heavens”) and the unimaginable vastness of this lower reality, the cosmos (“earth”). The expression “heaven and earth” has more than one meaning. It is criminal that people have been led to believe that they can have “religion” or “faith” and not study and learn about the world in which our master has placed us — from the microscopic to the vast.

Reflect on this:
Reflect on this:

There are over a trillion galaxies in the vastness of space. Our galaxy (the “Milky Way”) is a thousand trillion times the size of our sun’s family of planets, asteroids, and comets. Our sun’s family is a trillion times the size of the celestial sphere encompassing Earth’s orbit. This celestial sphere is a trillion times the size of Earth. (Visualize.)

People are a tiny part of Earth. Ants and termites in Africa alone weigh 25 times as much (*WEIGH* 25 times as much) as all the people on Earth put together. There are more antelopes than people. There are more of our cattle than of us. Microscopic life forms WEIGH more than all the visible life forms put together. There are over a TRILLION different species of microbial bacteria (and only 50 of those species do us any harm). All life forms (that we know of) live in a thin layer of air, water, and earth that is one thousandth the diameter of the planet. (Visualize.)

In our own bodies, there are as many billions of microbes living (peacefully) in each of our mouths as there are people living (barely peacefully) on Earth. If we have one trillion human cells comprising each of our bodies, we have TEN trillion microbes living in each of our bodies. If we have as many as ten trillion human cells comprising our bodies, then we have ONE HUNDRED TRILLION microbes living in each of our bodies. The microbes living in our gut help us digest our food, and produce vitamin D (for strong bones) and vitamin K (for blood clotting). (Reflect.)

A living cell may contain TRILLIONS of atoms.

A trillion is a million times a million, which is a thousand times a thousand, which is ten times ten times ten.

Reflect on this:
Reflect on this:

Our lord and master — by whatever name — is the one who created the entire vastness of heaven and earth, the vast higher reality and the vast physical cosmos, who can take it out of existence and create it all over again without feeling the slightest tiredness, who needs neither rest nor sleep, is alive and aware and independent of all need, who never tires of forgiving our sins, and creates by saying “Be!” and it is. He is One, not a trinity. He has no son.

He is my master, your master, the master of all that exists. He sent the Messiah, just as he sent all of the prophets. And the Messiah, and all of his heavenly messengers (the angels), including the holy spirit (Gabriel), all of them acknowledge the almighty creator as their lord and master.

The all-knowing almighty master has been sending us messages for thousands of years. When written down, they have become known to us as the Scriptures. Only one of those messages, those Scriptures, has been preserved in its original form. Every day, several times a day, as many as a billion or more people engage in a rite of purification in which parts of the only preserved Scripture are recited, by heart; and each year many millions (though not enough) read/recite the entire Scripture from beginning to end during a month of fasting from dawn to sunset.

We are not waiting for Santa.

Whether you or I or anyone believes this or not, it is true, for everyone, everywhere.

Reflect on it.
Reflect on it.


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creed of the thing-people

In the Spirit of the Gracious and Compassionate
Creator of the Heavens and the Earth

Lester A. Knibbs aka Doctor Hakeem

there is no reality
but physical reality

and the scientists
are its prophets

8 Rabee`-ul-Aakhar 1440
December 15, 2018

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The Rule of Five — notes for a proposal for action — 002a, revised

In the Spirit of the Gracious and Compassionate
Creator of the Heavens and the Earth

Lester A. Knibbs aka Doctor Hakeem

 (7/15/2017) I began developing this idea long before a Trump presidency was even conceivable. Now that it is a reality, the timescale seems wholly inadequate. We may have a full-scale evangelical theocracy within two years. If you ignore me, coming to me when it’s too late does not give me magical powers! If we act now, the time is already short — and getting shorter. For those of you in comfortable connubial denial, I envy your blessings of mates and children, but your half-empty glass will not save you from disaster in this life and hellfire in the next. Talk to me, work with me — that’s all I ask. I’m trying my best, and I know I’m not perfect.

I haven’t been able to finalize this idea into some coherent form. Ideally, I would have some conversations (face-to-face is best, by phone is also helpful, and Facebook might also be nice) and get some valuable insight, critiques, and suggestions.

The Rule of Five is a proposal for action. We African American Muslims must prepare ourselves to govern this society. We live here, and it is being badly governed. Other strategies to improve the situation have either been inadequate or have failed. This is a new strategy.

الرجال قوامون على النساء

(Ar-rijaalu qawwaamoona `ala-n-nisaa’)

“The men are the maintainers of the women ….”
(al-Qur’aan Soorat-an-Nisaa’: 34)

Five African American Muslim men form a group. This group meets regularly, at least once a week for three hours. They perform salaah together. They recite the Qur’an. They talk and get to know each other.

In addition to these regular meetings, the group also engages in other activities together. Possible activities include: going places together; playing games and sports; doing calisthenics and going for walks; having meals together; listening to music together; going on trips or retreats, sleepovers, camping, fishing, or canoeing; developing some sort of minor business.  In the course of doing these things, they earn each other’s trust and confidence.

Prophet Muhammad — “rasool-Allah” (messenger of Allah).

Groups of five African American Muslim men.

Preparation for governing.

This is a university / a study-group.

Start with one group of five (there are five pillars of Islam and five daily salawaat).

Work together for two years (hijri calendar, preferably).

Reading/reciting Qur’an within two years (absolute requirement, jihaad, focus).

Qur’an is mostly addressed to the men.

Men and women have different responsibilities.

Perform at least one salaah together, each time they meet.

Various activities:

  • Get to know each other — talk at least three (consecutive) hours a week; go places and do things together; play games and sports; get exercise (walking, calisthenics, etc.); have meals together; go on trips, sleepovers, retreats, camping, fishing, canoeing, etc.; have some sort of minor business; earn each others trust and confidence.
  • Beethoven’s fifth: part of sharing music together; most famous symphony; become familiar with 1st mvt. (which recordings repeat the exposition?); learning to actually listen to and hear music, other than just for entertainment; beethoven’s fifth in wwii (“v for victory”; “v” = 5 in roman numerals; the opening theme, dot-dot-dot-dash is “v” in morse code); he worked on it for five years; first performed in a concert that lasted almost five hours.
  • Study, read books, watch historical and scientific videos; go to museums and other educational venues and presentations.

Do not form cliques or become a clique.

The founder of each group of five should be the leader, but not a boss; should be a facilitator.

At least one or more of the five should have a wife (and, hopefully, children).

Do not exclude anyone based on sexuality; no couples or sexual activity or sexual involvement within the group.

Take the project seriously; beware of sabotage (internally or externally); focus on the primary mission (the qur’an).

After two years, first group of five splits up (perhaps with a transition ceremony); each member recruits four others, forming five new groups of five and beginning the process again.

Every two years, repeat this process.

After four years, 25 men should have completed this process; after six years, 125 men should have completed this process; and so forth as follows (but, of course, human affairs are never so mathematical, so don’t stress out about it):

  • Eight years — 625 men
  • Ten years — 3,125 men
  • Twelve years — 15,625 men

This must be a face-to-face process; electronic intermediation should be actively avoided; telephone calls, emails and other forms of electronic communication for brief exchange of practical information; documentation should be kept in written form (“hard copies”); be especially cautious of social media.

Our sisters, our wives, our women — hopefully — will actively encourage and assist this process; and our children should also be involved, to the extent reasonably possible.

(If a wife complains, understandably, that she doesn’t see enough of her husband already, we need to understand that it is corporate slavery that is taking her husband away and that this process is vastly more important, comparable to a war, and that the sacrifice is similarly necessary; and the husband needs to realize that his wife needs his attention, even when he is tired.)

Also hopefully, it should never be necessary for the meetings to be secret.

We must study history and the arts and sciences of government — every one of us, not just a few. We must get together in small groups — I call it the rule of five, because it was once made illegal for as many as five of the enslaved to get together (for obvious reasons). Five is a good number, not too small, not too large. Get to know each other. Spend hours, every week, talking and listening, going places, doing things. Be serious of purpose, be honest and sincere, be sensitive and compassionate, be willing to gently correct or disagree with each other, recognize the limitations of time and of other resources, and affirm each other. Don’t be a clique, a rigid exclusive group set off from others, and imagining yourselves to be superior. There’s more, much more, I could suggest, but that would be a start — the rule of five.


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